Lines to Hawaii – The surf film follows pro snowboarder Travis Rice and pro surfer Ian Walsh as they sail 2,500 nautical miles from Tahiti to Hawaii, discovering untouched surf breaks and exploring some of the most remote islands on Earth. On their journey they take water samples testing for microplastics in the ocean.

Navigating the open ocean along a route inspired by Polynesian who sailed these waters using only the stars for navigation some 2,000 year ago, Travis and the team experience rarely seen specs on the map, including Malden Island, Flint Island, and Fanning Island. The 19-day adventure included chasing waves that had never been surfed, cracking the sweetest coconuts they’d ever tasted, and putting their skills to the test to during a squall in the notorious Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone, also known as the Doldrums. Ian, who was a novice sailor at the start of their voyage, earned coveted “Golden Shellback” status by crossing the Equator at the International Dateline.

As a team, they experienced first-hand some of the most untouched, pristine ecosystems in the world.

Director: John “Rodo” Rodosky 
Producer: ROAM

Travis Rice

Born in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and son to a ski patroller, Travis Rice has the snow in his blood.  He’s hailed by critics as the best all-round snowboarder in the world and is one of the most globally renowned riders there is.

Ian Walsh

Maui native Ian Walsh has been tackling massive waves around the world since he was a teenager and his longevity and experience in the water shines through, whether he’s in an elite contest, performing for the cameras, or purely riding for himself. He’s one of the most passionate and dedicated big-wave surfers, and he’s willing to go to the ends of the earth to find the perfect wave.

Duration: 15min
Language: OV (english)
Cast: Travis Rice, Ian Walsh, Amory Ross, Graham Scott